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Ever wondered where a particular mobile phone contact is currently located? This is a functionality that could be useful in several scenarios. Say you want to know when/where someone is abroad or you want to know when someone arrived back home, or even in case you need to know their timezone to make sure you won’t be calling in at a bad time etc… This information can be very valuable for personal use and also business travelers for instance.

This is where could prove to be useful. This new service allows you to very easily track the country where a particular cell phone is located. You just simply have to register for an account, and upon account confirmation (via email), you just need to log-in to the website, insert the number you want to track (including country code) and get tracking! It’s really that simple.

There is no software to install anywhere, and all tracking is purely passive, meaning that the person being tracked does not know. All you need is someone’s mobile number. It’s important to know that the service will only tell you the country where the phone is located, therefore if a friend of yours, or a colleague is visiting Rome, or London, the service will only tell you that the phone is located in Italy or UK.

On registering an account, you will be provided with 10 free credits, meaning that you can run 10 traces on one or more cell numbers (one credit per track). Should you wish to run more phone traces, you would need to buy more credits, at only $1 for 20 credits! ($0.05 per trace!) or even cheaper in bulk at $10 for 300 credits ($0.03)

The website itself is really simple to use, and once you add a number to the system, you can just update it’s current location with just one click. Clicking on a particular number takes you to another screen where you can update the contact or delete it.

What’s the catch? There’s nothing really, no catch – though unfortunately, this only works for all of the world’s mobile numbers, except USA mobile numbers. Other than that it should work with all other numbers of all major countries anywhere they are within cell-tower range! Truly remarkable!

I highly suggest you to visit the website and to try out this interesting new service…

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