Traumatic Data Loss – Backup now!

broken_laptopMost of us have owned a computer for years now. We practically store our whole life in those little machines; photos, videos, music, documents, emails and more. Unfortunately however, only a few consider data backup seriously. In my own experience as a freelance technician for a couple of years, only a really small percentage of clients had proper and updated data backup of their data – the larger percentage of users realise how shocking and devastating data loss could be.

Taking occasional backup of your data is relatively easy to do, you can simply copy your important files to a CD, DVD or a flash pen/memory card. If you have a lot of data you might want to also consider getting an external drive to hold all your precious data. For more vital data, one should also consider storing backup copies of the same data off site, in case of physical damage due to fire, floods, explosions or earthquakes.

The main problem is to actually remember to do your back-ups! One could opt in to a simple reminder on your schedulers or cell phones, however the best option would be to install a backup software to handle this task for you.

Some time ago, we reviewed GFI backup, a FREE and easy to use backup software that could help you manage such a mundane task. You can read the review here or take action now, and get started on your backups! Click here to download GFI Backup for FREE.

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