Twitter 2.0 – My vision for a better Twitter

Anyone who has been a twitter user for some time,has probably noticed that recently, twitter has changed more into a link posting site with loads of spam. Just today I noticed my follower count increasing quite a lot, and I noticed a bunch of (what I assume are) fake users just posting eBay listings. Whilst this is quite inevitable (since spammers are everywhere) there are a lot of ways how twitter can get rid of those spammy accounts.

Twitter 2.0 – my vision for a better twitter.

I’ve taken some time to write this post and write my ideas on how twitter can be improved and did my best to create a cheat proof system that would allow twitter users to have a better experience. I’ve taken my points and joined Twitter, digg and eBay to finally create the system below.


  • Voting buttons – (digg style) – the voting buttons on the side of the picture would allow the people who receive the tweet to vote on it’s value. A person that finds the value useful can vote for it. The second button is to add to favourites, and the bottom button is to rate the post as spam.
  • Score Bar – The score bar calculates the percentage of good value posts together with the posts considered as spam, and creates a user score. – this however should be calculated only based on the user tweets, and not in any way relative to other users. It can also be calculated according to a certain time period (Say 30 days). I got the idea from the eBay seller rating.
  • User States – Active, Silent or Disabled – Any users that are within set target user score would be the normal active users, silent users are those who get below a set user score threshold and are therefore punished by switching them to silent mode, where they can only receive tweets, or maybe limit the URL posting capabilities. any users who end up in silent mode for an x amount of times will be disabled – and probably considered as spammy accounts.
  • User grouping – this is an additional feature that I think would enhance Twitter’s usability a lot. There should be an easy way to categorise the people you follow into groups. Like for example – twitter users who talk about technology, some might be bloggers, some might be companies and organisations etc…

In my opinion, these are all great ideas that could be incredibly useful for all users and to have a better experience while using twitter. Let me know what you think on the above points in the comment area. I do have a lot more ideas on how twitter can be improved… but ill write those up in another post later on. I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts!


  • I really like these ideas. At least some third party tools already give you the ability to set up “User groups” (i.e. tweetdeck). So for me that would be the less important thing of your list. My favorite: Can’t decide so i choose all the three other ones;) Only danger (exspecially with the User States): Abuse. Someone could give bad ratings to a competitors account to siwtch him into a slient account.

  • Is there really a need for a scoring system? If I don’t like a person’s tweets i stop following them…

    Even if such a scoring system were used, how would that affect users?

  • I agree that the user states are a risk. I know spam is really anoying, but there is a big risk that the states will be abused. It’gives people a tool to “shut other people up”. I do agree there should be more control to block spam and really anoying messages, but I think that should be controlled by other Twitter users

  • What i mean is, that if a user’s tweets consisted of just URL’s for ebay listings, it would be quite obvious that the user is just a spammer trying to abuse the system, so why not shut it up?

  • I had this idea too. Where you would add this to a Twitter-client.

    Every tweet would show a “+” and a “-“, when you think it’s useful, you click +, if you don’t, you click -. If you don’t care about a post at all, like “I’m having breakfast”, you don’t click anything. This score would be stored solely in your client and is not useful for anyone else.

    Then you should be able to set some benchmark in the client as to when a user is to be considered “unsuccesful”, as in “received 5 minusses over the last 7 days” or something like that.

    There could also be a possibilty to import a “favourites” list, so that when a user gets “5 plusses in the last 7 days”, that user’s tweets would be in a larger font or a different color, so that they pop out.

    I think it has more value when it’s a private scoring system, not something public like the Digg-system, because that would lead to abuse for sure.

    (sorry for my English)

  • Great Ideas I personally Like the user Grouping… which eavery twitter user would greatly benefit.

    i would also suggest another feature / group as the Favorites…
    which in the twitter homepage there is the section of your favourite accounts you are following and their latest updates then the normal batch of updates will follow.

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