Twitter Pet Peeves – Twitter Annoyances

I love Twitter, and I have been using it since early 2008. (although I still do think it’s still a bit pointless). It’s a fun site in a lot of ways, and its nice to see a massive conversation going on, and the recent trending topics features and real time search make this platform an increasingly interesting tool.

But nothing’s perfect, and some things that keep happening over and over again are some of the reasons that make me cringe or hit something/one

Here’s my list of Twitter Pet Peeves: – in no particular order

  • People who only post URLs in their tweets.
  • Impersonal auto direct messages when you follow someone (argh!!!)
  • Impersonal auto direct messages expecially when you actually started following me first, and I just reciprocated! (double arghhhh!!)
  • People who post loads of quotes from popular people… that is just so boring!
  • Twitter is all about being social, read other posts, reply and comment back – not just only posting messages regarding yourself or your business.
  • People who request information that you can’t send as a public message (like an email address) – and then don’t follow you – you cant send a direct message!
  • Constantly mentioning and bragging about your followers count or posting messages about your recent drop of 5 followers and posting messages like… OMG lost 5 followers since yesterday… I wonder why!
  • People who like to share EVERYTHING they are doing. example…
  • I’m at the bar
    I’m having a beer.
    There’s a hot girl in the bar looking at me, should I go talk to her?
    I’m going to the bathroom first, then ill go talk to her.
    Came out of the bathroom, it smelled awful!
    Walking towards the girl!
    I said hi!
    She said hi, and smiled!
    I offered her a drink, her name is <insert name here>
    She wants a tequila… (hmmm! hardcore!)
    Nice boobs too!….
    and the story goes on…….!

  • Twitterers who just follow to be followed, and then they un-follow you, that’s just LAME.
  • I guess you got this a MILLION times – HEY, I just found a method how to get 16,000 visitors in a month! Visit this page for more details – its expecially bad when you receive this from a user with just a handful of followers… LAME!
  • Horrid, very busy, overly colourful or very badly made profile background. eww!
  • People posting a tweet with all the top trending topics hash tags in one message… whats the point??
  • Site functionality pet peeve – when you press enter in the message box on top, it should be posted immediately! you have to manually click the update button!!
  • Negativity! – If you had a bad experience with a company, its OK if you post a message explaining your bad experience. You should however post a follow up if the issue was resolved.
  • Longitude and latitude for location – who cares really?
  • Integrating your twitter feed into Facebook – That is SO bad! I wonder what your Facebook friends who are not familiar with twitter will be saying when they will start seeing stuff like RT @whoever , and #whatever!
  • Welcoming every new follower you get. “Welcome, @john, @steve, @tracy, @wholefoods, etc…”

There are plenty more, but i’m leaving this open to some discussion, please post your worst pet peeves in the comments area below, and ill post them in an updated list, together with your twitter link (if you post it together with your comment of course!)

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