Viewsonic to release a 22-inch Android Tablet

Bigger is always better, right? Well, such is not always the case; at least not for everyone. But Viewsonic is sure that there is a good market for a 22-inch tablet, and is planning to announce one at Taipei’s Computex. Viewsonic calls it a “smart business tablet monitor,” which pretty much explains what the company is aiming for with this product.

Users have displayed both love and hate towards the first larger tablets. The best example would be Toshiba’s Excite 13, which has a 13-inch display. Some thought it was a great idea, and would be great for media and entertainment. Others believe it is simply too big – Many believe 10 inches is already too much.

A device this large is no longer “just a larger tablet,” though. A 22-inch device would seem much more like a stationary device, much like a computer. One could have it at conference rooms, or desks. But if it is no longer a portable device, why not just get a computer with a full-blown OS?

There are many instances in which a device this large with a mobile OS would be convenient. Personally, it would be cool to have an Android device like this hanging in the kitchen wall. We could leave each other notes, look for recipes, check out the calendar or even watch Netflix while we cook our delicious meals. It could be easy to use and convenient in terms of space and price.

We do not know all the details yet, but you can be sure we will learn more about it once Computex comes around, next month. But we are curious to see what you guys think. Do you think a 22-inch Android “table” is simply too much? Could you find a use for one?

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