Vodafone introduces 4G to Malta

Vodafone has announced that it will be launching 4G in Malta. 4G is the next evolution in mobile telephony and it will enable customers to enjoy a better internet experience when using a mobile connection. This launch reinforces the company’s mission of delivering the best network on the Islands, being the first to bring the very latest mobile technologies to customers in Malta and Gozo. The announcement was made at a press conference attended by Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Muscat, Minister Dr. Chris Cardona and Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Edward Zammit Lewis.

Vodafone will initially be providing 4G coverage in the areas of Malta that already have the highest demand for mobile data, including Valletta and the main commercial and entertainment hotspots of Sliema and St. Julians. Vodafone will progressively move towards nationwide coverage based on customers’ uptake and demand, ensuring that 4G is available where customers really need it. The service will be commercially launched in the beginning of November. The speed and responsiveness of Vodafone 4G will mean that everything which is done on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device will simply be a whole lot better.

“The launch of 4G marks the culmination of many years of daunting challenges, hard work, and investment,” said Balesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone Malta. “This is another first for us at Vodafone Malta, after being the first operator to deploy 42 Mbps across our network back in April 2012. Vodafone has invested €10m to build a 4G network and provide the very latest mobile technologies to our customers here in Malta. This further reinforces our commitment to deliver the best mobile network on the island.”

To celebrate the rolling out of 4G in Malta, Vittorio Colao, Vodafone Group CEO was present for the press conference. He said, “4G makes communication, browsing, shopping, playing games and watching videos at home, at work and on the move much easier and even faster. All of us at Vodafone are very excited to bring superfast wireless network to Malta.”

Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat said during the Press Conference, “The digital economy industry has been chosen by the Government as one of the country’s main economic pillars. 4G is an important technological development which will continue to enhance Malta’s attractiveness as a place to do business. Consumers are also set to benefit from what this technology can offer. Therefore, we welcome the announcement made by Vodafone today.”

During demonstrations at the Press Conference, Head of Technology Andrew de La Torre and Head of Consumer Business Unit, Sandro Pisani showed how Vodafone’s 4G promises a truly spectacular data experience on cutting edge devices. “Vodafone will offer the fastest available mobile data speeds on smartphones and other mobile devices with data speeds compared to the best fixed line offerings. Customers will be able to download a full iTunes music album in less than 10 seconds, and a 3 minute YouTube clip in less than 1 second! The high speed, high capacity network will give customers access to enhanced mobile entertainment content such as high definition video and high quality music. 4G will give gaming enthusiasts a highly responsive connection that enables rich game playing on the move and it will give customers quick access to content stored on the internet,” said Andrew de La Torre during the demos.

Sandro Pisani added, “For the business user, 4G will give customers an experience of in-office performance of a LAN wherever they are through Vodafone’s MiFi and internet key products.”

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