Want a Movie Phone?

Oh my god, I think… i might still be dreaming this morning….

An optical media disk for your mobile phone….???? Huh…..???? Are you serious….?????

I really don’t see the point of this device, its an optical CD/DVD that you would be able to insert it in a special slot in your mobile phone so you can watch movies! (see pic below)

Mobile Phone Disc

This might have been a good idea in 1999 but not in 2008! Flash memory prices are going down by the day and the capacities are going up really quickly, some nokia phones even have hardisks built in to them and 8 or 16 gb internal flash memory!!

The discs are based on the latest blue laser technology. These 36 mm wide discs can currently hold up to 1 GB. There are plans to release a 2 GB soon too . The disc can be inserted into the phone, the same way UMDs are inserted into a PSP.

I see another obsolete format in the making!

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