Where's the Love for Vista?

I have recently received an e-mail newsletter from  a site http://vistanews.com/ that talks about all those people who really hate the Windows Vista OS. One of the paragraphs that i really agreed with was this one…

“Where have these people been when XP came out? Have they just plain forgotten all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the incompatibilities and the new “ugly, resource hungry” interface and new security features and … umm, pretty much all the same things they’re now complaining about in Vista?”

I remember really well the time when XP came out. Everyone was complaining of it incompatibility problems and bugs and its ugly GUI. Same is happening with Vista… or even worse!

I also liked this paragraph….

“Here’s my suggestion: if you like Vista, use it. If you like XP better, continue using that. If you like some things about Vista and don’t like others, provide feedback to Microsoft so they can address your problems. If you hate Vista and XP and all things Microsoft, uninstall them and install Linux or buy a Mac.”

Complely agree!! If you dont like Vista… just change it, to XP, Linux or whatever!

Anyway, i highly reccomend you to register to this newsletter at www.vistanews.com – if you like vista that is =)

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