Why I love Canon!

I have been using Canon products now for quite a while, and I can say I was never disappointed. I purchased my first Canon camera in 2002. It was a canon 3mp Digital Elph – i don’t even remember the model number. It was quite an amazing little cam and I loved it. Last year (2006) I bought another Canon cam, I went for a 7.1mp point and shoot model Ixus 750 (I believe they have a different name outside Europe) but anyway…

While on holiday in Greece i took both cameras with me, but on the 2nd day, the older camera’s lens unit got stuck, and i started receiving an error. When I came back from my holiday, I went to a Canon service centre to check if it can be repaired or not. The techie told me that it probably can be fixed, however he would need some replacement parts for it from abroad, and that might cost me quite a bit. However he told me that he still has to check about it.

Some time later I got a call back from the service centre, and they told me that the camera cannot be fixed cos the part required to fix my camera isn’t being produced anymore. They decided to end the production of such part earlier than scheduled. – This was not good However… the good part was that they offered me a complete new camera free of charge as a replacement of my older model. They gave me a 6.1mp Ixus s60 with 2 years warranty! – as you can imagine, i was like… woah!! 

This brings us to an article i saw today on http://www.engadget.com that canon are pulling out their EOS-1D Mark III cameras from shops due to a small – and not always present glitch in the camera’s autofocus. This really shows that Canon are really customer fucused. Kudos to Canon!

This is the link to the original article : http://www.engadget.com/2007/10/30/canon-pulling-the-eos-1d-mark-iii-from-shelves/

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