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Amazon Window ShopAmazon has launched a new service called Amazon Windowshop. It’s a full featured, multimedia showcase of the latest releases in music and video games. Visitors to the site at simply press the right arrow key on their keyboards and sit back as the site begins its presentation. The latest music releases are shown as a sample is played, and if desired, they can be bought with the click of a button in either CD or mp3 form. The latest video game releases are presented in the same way. While they are updated monthly, new music releases are available each Tuesday. New books are also showcased with a unique twist. Along with the printed review or description, the viewer can actually listen to an excerpt being read. There’s also a section showcasing audio books and new music artists, all of which can be purchased with the click of a mouse. Similar presentations of Amazon’s best selling movie and TV DVD’s will be available soon.

The site is slick and the ability to navigate through the different categories and their contents in a smooth sweeping motion is reminiscent of the iPhone.  Instead of text heavy descriptions the products are brought to live with video, sound, and images, creating a brand new, fun, and engaging way to shop. Right now the site is in Beta but it should be fully launched soon, hopefully in time for the holiday season. Amazon Windowshop is stylish and fresh way to shop for new books, music, games, and movies!

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