Windows 7 – just a big service pack?

I’ve read loads of comments all over the web and on several blogs complaining that Windows 7 is just a big service pack. Recently however I read this post by Jason Perlow over at Zdnet – renaming Windows 7 as Windows Fixta, and I think this is a bit un-fair! Let me explain why I think so.

There is a lot of hype all over the web, everyone saying that Windows Vista is bad, and that it’s slow and that its un-compatible etc… etc… In my opinion, I’ve been running now windows vista since the first month it was released, and since then my PC has been running problem free. It’s the same hardware I’ve used with my XP system! The only major problems I’ve had were with some SATA and graphic card drivers (both from nVidia) and another problem with a corrupted file, something related to my profile, no biggie. When I used windows XP, I was quite happy with it, however I used to have the occasional BSOD and the occasional corrupted file, something that hasn’t happened so frequently using Vista!

Some of my friends that are completely PC-noobs even complain how bad it is, without even knowing the difference! I find myself fixing their computers much much less since the Vista installation. And they don’t even realise!

Although, as Jason Perlow mentioned, I wouldn’t mind if Microsoft would give out Windows 7 for free, as an upgrade to those who bought Vista (I’d be really really glad if Microsoft did that!) However I believe that his comments are un-fair, and if it didn’t work well for you, just say that it didn’t work for you, not that Windows Vista is a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.

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