Windows Vista SP1

There is a lot of talking going on at the moment about the upcoming release of Windows Vista SP1. Still, a lot of people are still sceptical that SP1 will bring any performance improvements to the OS. In my opinion I, so far Vista worked pretty well on my home pc’s. I mean.. yes.. i noticed a bit of a performance decrease compared to XP however I loved the new vista features and I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows XP.

Among all the promised bug fixes, Vista SP1 contains one relatively important update and it’s one of the features that is being used to make the SP1 look better. Microsoft is getting rid of the “kill switch”. Basically in Vista RTM, any pc running a pirated version of Vista, microsoft can just “flip a switch” and kill the OS.

Apart from this, it’s said that it has a dramatic performance increase when transferring files and also increased speed when working with zip files. (I did infact notice terrible speeds when copying files with a Vista PC)

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