x10 faster WiFi… Intrigued…? Read on!

Anyone interested in the idea of a WiFi connection that’s up to ten times faster than today’s fastest WiFi? It’s in the pipeline and it’s called WiGig!

The WiFi Alliance is joining forces with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance to create the WiGig Alliance. The goal – to bring 7Gbps wireless connectivity to users.

So how does it work? Well, the idea is to combine into a single router a 2.4GHz adapter to handle backward compatibility and improve range, a 5GHz adapter for performance, and a 60GHz adapter for super-fast transfers over a short distance.

It’s an impressive upgrade to the 802.11 standard, and it has the backing of some big names such as Intel, Cisco and Broadcom.

The WirelessHD alliance also has plans for a super-fast 60GHz standard that could offer a massive maximum theoretical data transfer rate of 28Gbps.

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